Residential, Commercial and Industrial RO Plant Units

UF System Capacity 1000 LPH

Reverse osmosis is the technology of removing dissolved salts and substances using the membranes and high pressure. The membrane is a type of filter having pore size of 0.0001 micron which means that the bacteria ( @ 0.4 micron ) and even the dissolved ions are removed from membrane and one gets very pure and tasty water. The raw water passes through the pressure sand filter first and then to the 5 micron cartridge and carbon cartridge or carbon filter. ( In our residential model – DRO 10, the sand filter is not considered ) The water is then pumped using high pressure pump into the membrane housing. The extra pressure filters the dissolved substances in the water and treated water is received from one end. However, the solids, which are rejected by the membranes are drained out through the reject port. Typical recovery of the smaller plants can be from 15 % to 50 %. Higher recoveries are possible with adequate pretreatment. Recovery means the % flow available for the product side. Assuming, we are feeding 100 LPH water into the RO block using pump and the plant is operated at 30 % recovery, which means that 70 LTR of water would go to drain and 30 LTR would be available for production. This 70 LTR water would have the additional salts which are rejected by the membranes so as make product water. As in case of softeners or DM plants, the RO plant does not require any regeneration. However, if pretreatment is given, it should be strictly monitored. For smaller systems, the cartridges need to be replaced on time. In general replacement of cartridges should be done once in 6 months. The membranes in Indian conditions have life expectancy of @ 3 – 4 years. The major operating cost would be electrical consumption of high pressure pump apart from any pretreatment side dosing.

UF System Capacity 1000 LPH


  • Preparation of cooling water/ boiling water

  • Tertiary treatment of waste water

  • Production of drinking water and mineral water

  • Ultra pure water for electronic industry

  • Ultra pure water for pharmaceutical industries

  • Process water for manufacturing plants

  • Beverage and food processing industry

  • Sea Water Desalination